5 Powerful Tips for Motivating Youth


Kirklyn J Berry has seen how youth’s attainment of their full potential necessitates one instrumental force guiding the way: motivation. With 10 years of mentoring experience, Kirk has crafted a practical system to teaching today’s adults how to foster the determination and, ultimately, the achievement of the adults of tomorrow.

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For the first time, Kirk commits his approach to the page, with 5 Powerful Tips for Motivating Youth, including:

  • Tip I: Begin with Dialogue – Motivation begins with listening; not instructing.
  • Tip II: Create Discipline – Make suggestions directly tied to their current interests to help them achieve their goals.
  • Tip III: Challenge Them – Offer a challenge; overcoming such a task is confirmation that a person’s structure and discipline is paying off.
  • TIP IV: Encourage – Champion them whether they succeed or fail at the challenge presented.
  • Tip V:  Emphasize Positive Outcomes – If the seed you plant is going to grow, you must water it along the way.

These tips equip anyone who plays an active role in a young person’s life – coaches, family members, teachers – with the tools to encourage the fulfillment of the next generation.


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